A groundbreaking graphic portrait of boxing legend Jack Johnson, Last On His Feet offers a front-row seat to the Battle of the Century.

Publishers Weekly

« A desert boxing match becomes an epic, a tragic symbol, and a thunderous encapsulation of America’s bloody racial history in this passionately told graphic history from Daoudi (Monk!) and Matejka (The Big Smoke) about America’s first Black heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson (1878–1946) . . . This is a big brawl of a book that, like the greatest boxing matches, finds the poetry in the violence. »


« With red ink luridly accentuating the brutal black-and-white tale, Daoudi’s exceptional sense of anatomy, expressions, and choreography combine with the snap of Matejka’s text to vividly depict this defiant and flawed man’s struggle against a culture built to dehumanize him and equipped with laws to break him. You can’t fight city hall, but Johnson lands some solid blows on his way to the mat.

A knockout. »

Library Journal

« Lyrical narration and powerfully evocative black-and-white illustration combine for an uncommonly propulsive, completely immersive biography. »